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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Stepanie Kent & Logan Smalley, Co-Creators of "The Call Me Ishmael Phone Book," on Writers on Writing — KUCI-FM

While sharing a drink at a literary pub in New York, Steph Kent & Logan Smalley mused about their favorite first lines in novels. Settling on Moby Dick's notorious "Call Me Ishmael," they wondered what would happen if Ishmael had a phone number that book lovers could call. It didn't take long for Ishmael to have his own number. Voicemails began pouring in from around the country as callers shared their most memorable reading experiences, favorite titles, books that changed and shaped their lives, and even one special copy of Beloved that cost a friendship. 

Steph and Logan join Marrie Stone to talk about The Call Me Ishmael Phone Book, which includes not only their favorite voicemail messages about books and authors, but interviews with independent bookstores around the United States, literary museums, author grave sites, and so much more. They talk about how the idea began, and how it grew. They share some of their favorite stories, and how the project is still evolving.

They invite you to call Ishmael at (774) 325-0503 to share your own reading experiences or listen to the experiences of others. Visit their website for more information, or follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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(Record date: October 12, 2020)

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