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Monday, February 28, 2022

Chigozie Obioma on "Writers on Writing"

Nigerian author Chigozie Obioma was twice shortlisted for the Booker Prize for his novels The Fishermen (2015) and An Orchestra of Minorities (2019). With fluidity in several languages, and immersion in disparate cultures and literature, Obioma brings his unique voice to the page. He also tackles challenging points of view, from a madman in The Fishermen to the chi—the Igbo personal life force or guardian angel—in An Orchestra of Minorities

Obioma teaches in the creative writing program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and brings the strength of his experience in teaching and writing, as well as the wisdom he's gained in straddling different cultures and languages to the conversation. He joins Marrie Stone to talk about his childhood in Nigeria, how his native language impacts his work, choosing challenging points of view, and the remarkable way he sold his first novel. 

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(Broadcast date: February 28, 2022)

Monday, February 21, 2022

Sara Gran, The Book of the Most Precious Substance

Sara Gran, author of The Book of the Most Precious Substance (Dreamland Books) talks with B. DeMarco-Barrett about her new erotic thriller, revising, the book within the book and why she chose to start a publishing company to publish the novel rather than going through an agent and traditional publisher. 

 (Broadcast date: Feb. 21, 2022)

Monday, February 14, 2022

Weike Wang, author of "Joan is Okay," on Writers on Writing

Weike Wang planned to pursue a career in medicine. She obtained a bachelor's degree in chemistry and a doctorate in public health, both from Harvard University. But she also earned an MFA from Boston University and it changed the trajectory of her career. Joan is Okay is her second novel. Her debut novel, Chemistry, won the Pen/Hemingway Award in Fiction and a Whiting Award in 2018. 

Joan is Okay tackles issues of race, culture, gender, family and economics, all set against the backdrop of the pandemic. Wang joined Marrie Stone to talk about unlearning how to write like an academic, finding the voice for an elusive character, how writing in the collage structure paid unexpected dividends, and more.

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(Record date: January 27, 2022
Broadcast date: February 14, 2022)

Monday, February 07, 2022

Benjamin Percy, The Unfamiliar Garden

Benjamin Percy, author of The Unfamiliar Garden, talks with Barbara DeMarco-Barrett about his new book and the writing life. 

(Recorded on January 28, 2022)

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